Upcoming Events at OJSHS
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Tuesday, February 14, 2017
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The sporting activities listed below are taken from the Google calendar on this website under calendar OJSHS Activities



Use these link to print off calendar of activities for our Maniacs. NOTE: Updates/Revions will be shown below.

Link to November activities calendar for print

Link to December activities calendar for print



Driver's Education Final Testing Week

13-Monday - First Wrestling Practice; First Boys BBALL pracitice; NIMM Presentation in Biology Classes; Jr High Boys BBALL Here Gville 4:30 (OES)

14-Tuesday - Sr. Project Health Fair with Jr High 1:30-3:30 Kaytie F; Chess in Library @ Lunch; 7:40am Bible Club rm 14;

15-Wednesday - Youth Leg meeting rm 2 Noon; 6pm Football Banquet Cafeteria; STEAM Core Meeting @ Lunch; No Dance Team Practice after school BUT study table will be available in Band Room;

16-Thursday - BB Jr High - @Prairie 4:30, Bus 2pm; GBB @Salmon River 6pm MTN, Bus 2pm;

17-Friday - Friday School 8am; Mr. OHS 7pm; Future Vocal Vandal Day; Jr/Sr Choir;

18-Saturday - Senior Project at City Park Chemical & Technology Clean up Brayden Steiner and Eli McKnight 10-5.


20-Monday - Community Concert Old Time Music Assembly 8:15-9:00; School Bd Meeting at OHS Library 7pm

21-Tuesday - BB Jr High Here Lapwai 4:30; GBB @Genesee 6/7:30pm, Bus 4:15;

22-Wednesday - No School


27-Monday - ELKS Most Valuable Student App Due; Knowledge Bowl @ Prairie 6:30, Bus 5pm;

28-Tuesday - Sr Project Self Eval, Menotr Eval, Log Sheet Due; BB Jr High - Home Prairie 4:30pm; GBB @ Deary, 6/7:30pm Bus 4pm;


30-Thursday - BB Jr High @ Kamiah 4:30pm, Bus 3:30pm; GBB @ Kamiah 4:30pm, Bus 3:30pm


01-Friday - Staff Development Day; LCSC SCholarship Applications Open; BB Home McCall 4:30pm; Patchwork Bazaar;

02-Saturday - Patchwork Bazaar; Wrestling @ Potlatch TBA;


04-Monday - BSU Residence Applications Open; 

05-Tuesday - GC Games OHS 6pm; BB Jr High Here OHS Timberline 4:30pm


07-Thursday - Sr. Project Reccomendation Letters, Fianl Paper, SElf Eval DUE; Jr High BB @ Lapwai 4:30;

08-Friday - Friday School 8am; Choir @ U of I Concert; Wrestling @ Kellogg TBA; 

09-Saturday - ACT 8am at OHS; Wrestling @ Kellogg;


11-Monday - GBB JV @ Timberline 4:30, Bus 3pm;

12-Tuesday - GBB - Home Genesee - 6/7:30pm;BBB@ Nezperce C/JV 4:30, Bus 2:30pm; Jr H Boys BBALL @Grangeville 4:30;

13-Wednesday - Regional Youth Leg Lewiston; Holiday Concert 6pm;

14-Thursday - GBB Home Potlatch 5/6:30pm

15-Friday - Friday School 8am;






21-Thursday - Last Day of School;






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