Orofino Junior Senior High School Bulletin


                                                                    May29- June 3

Morning 7:30 - 7:54

*Duty Roster for the 2016-17 year is linked below

Caféteria - Thomas

Gym -  Maetche, Snyder

Outside Duty - Gustin, M Tetwiler

Hallway - Haag, Lingard

Lunch -Hull, Wright, Nelsen

Bus Duty - Wilson, Reggear, H Savage


Weekly Staff/Student Activities:  May 29-6/2

 Monday: No School Memorial Day

 Tuesday: Elentary Track Meet 12-3pm; NHS Induction Ceremony Gym 3pm 7012 grades; Health Fair 1:30-3:30 7-8th Graders


Thursday: Jr High Book Club during lunch; Elementary Track Meet 12:30-3pm;

Friday:  Teacher work day with staff lunch; Band to Silverwood


*2016-17 Duty Roster